Monday, April 2, 2012

Coppock Update for End of March

Only Japan has given a BUY on the Coppock Indicator (in its domestic currency, Yen (JPY)).

As at 30 March only the S&P and Nasdaq are not in negative territory and so not able to give an original Coppock BUY.

All Ords, Shanghai 180, Nasdaq 100 and FTSE 100 are in the lowest quarntile of Coppock values in their history from 1984 and 2000 respectively. The All Ords at a value of only 11 is almost in the bottom decile so one might expect an eventual BUY signal to be reliable.

Based on USD values for US ETF's and in the relevant local currency, each one has given a BUY in MACD (170, 150,20) but this is less reliable than Coppock and would have produced some whipsawing even over the period since 1 October 2011.

From the summaries below (taken from a review on Incredible Charts Free Version)
a) US medium and long bonds seem to have stopped rising in price, as do Gold and Energy.
b) Thailand seems close to giving a BUY,
c) Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, S&P 500 and emerging markets cyclical falls might be coming to an end, although prices look as they they might be on a short term down.

1-3 year US bond (SHY) Below Zero, Falling
7-10 year US bond (IEF) Above, Rising, Flattening
20+ year US bond (TLT) Above, Rising, Flattening

Australia (EWA) Below, Falling
Brazil (EWZ) Below, Falling, Flattening
Canada (EWC) Below, Falling
China (FXI) Below, Falling, Steepening
Germany (EWG) Below, Falling, Flattening
India (INDY) Below, Falling, Flattening
Indonesia (EIDO) - No Coppock generated (Short history)
Ireland (EIRL) - No Coppock generated (Short history)
Japan (EWJ), Below, Falling, Flattening
New Zealand - No Coppock generated (Short history)
Phillipines (EPHE) - No Coppock generated (Short history)
Singapore (EWS) Below, Falling, Flattening
South Africa (EZA) Below, Falling, Flattening
Thailand (THD) Below, Flattened
S&P 500 (IVV) Below, Falling, Flattening
UK (EWU) Below, Falling

Emerging (EEM) Below, Falling, Flattening
EMU (EZU) Below, Falling

Energy (XLE) Above, Falling
Gold (GLD) Above, Falling slowly

Original data for the above dashboard free from Colin Nicholson's Building Wealth Through Shares

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